Konfidence Float Suit Polka Dot


The Konfidence™ Floatsuit is made from comfortable soft Lycra fabric for children aged 1-5 years. They work on the same principle as the Konfidence™ Buoyancy Jackets - eight individual removable floats are worn in outer pockets which can easily be removed for tailored buoyancy as the child grows, develops and learns water confidence.

The Konfidence Floatsuit comes in 2 styles - the traditional swimsuit style and the combination Sunsuit/Floatsuit styles – both of which stay ‘fixed’ on the child and hold the child in the correct position to aid swimming.

Designed using quality high content Nylon Lycra, Konfidence has been able to create some fabulous designs that are comfortable against a child’s bare skin. Designs range from the rather chic Breton Stripe inspired Original Floatsuits to the fun and funky clownfish UV protective Sunsuit style.

Whether you are away on holiday or just at swimming lessons, you can feel safe and trust in the knowledge that the Konfidence Floatsuit is the perfect flotation device to get your child swimming and really enjoying the water.


UV upt to 4

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